Valley View Church Bulletin for November 16, 2019
Hi Church Family, here's our bulletin for this Sabbath. God bless!
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Valley View SDA Church

November 16, 2019

We gather every Saturday morning, everyone is welcome to attend:

Adult, Youth and children's bible study = SABBATH SCHOOL CLASSES 9:30 AM 


Potluck lunch 12:30 PM, All welcome to attend for food and fellowship

                                                                                            THE CHURCH AT WORSHIP

                                                                                              Church Service 10:40 AM


                                                          SONG SERVICE                                                                      Bais Family

                                                                                  #499 "What a Friend We Have in Jesus"                     

                                                                      #532 "Day by Day"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Welcome & Announcements                                                                                               Rhett Morgan

                                                                  Ministry Moment                                                         Genelle Pepple        

                                                          Invocation*                                                                       Rhett Morgan                

                                                          Hymn of Praise*                                                                                                                                                                                 #493 "Fill My Cup Lord"                                                             

                                                          Tithes & Offerings                                                           Richard Davis                                                                                                    "Local Church Budget"                                                                

                                                         Prayer^                                                              Rhett Morgan                                                                               Children's Story                                                                    Edi Sumpay

                                                          Scripture                                                                                                                                                                                                                               "Psalm 27:8"        

                                                          Special Music                                                                      Trista Bais


                                                          Sermon                                                                                Don Ingersoll                                                                                                     "What Have You Done With Jesus?"      


                                                          No Closing Song                                                                                             


                                                          CLOSING PRAYER                                                              Don Ingersoll

                                                           Piano:Janetta Meharry

                                                         *Congregation Stand                              ^Congregation Kneel             


Welcome visitors! May you receive a special blessing today as you join us in worshiping our Savior. Please join us for food and fellowship in the Fellowship Hall immediately after the service.

Claiming Prayer Group- Meet immediately after church service in the Sanctuary to pray for your loved ones.

Leavenworth Prophecy Series-Tonight, Nov 16th  7PM at Icicle Inn Resort.  Brochure's are on the library table.

Journey to Bethlehem Village construction continues this Sunday at CCA 9-12.

J2B Tour reservations for Dec 5-Dec 8, 5:30PM-9:30PM, are now available online at     J2BWENATCHEE.ORG . Without reservations, Walk-in Tours 5:30-8:30. You can also come and enjoy the Community Christmas Concert each night between 5:30PM-8:30PM. Brochures to share with friends and family are on the Greeter's Desk.

Church Christmas Program Planning- We want to invite our friends and family members to come share in a wonderful worship service full of JOY remembering the birth of our Saviour Dec 21st. Text or call Rosalba Korter 989-445-0451 to help plan an extra special Christmas Program or to perform or to suggest performers!

Housing request- New-to-area Adventist family, job transfer, needs short-term rental while they search for a home to buy (and church to join!). One bedroom minimum, would prefer 2+ bedrooms, if available. Contact Mitch Cauthron 503-523-9777.

Praise Singing at Garden Terrace- Nov 30th 4PM. Please plan to share Christmas Joy with the residents at Garden Terrace. Musical instruments and Kids will be greatly appreciated! Contact Rosalba Korter for more details.

Cookies for J2B- Refreshments are served after the Village Tours each night Dec 5-8. All local SDA Churches help supply the 1000's of cookies needed for the guests. Please commit to several dozen, or more! Sign up sheet in the lobby on the Greeter's Desk.

  Weekly bulletin information deadline: Wednesday 1PM. Thank you!    

Farm Fresh Eggs Available. In the refrigerator in the kitchen. $2.50 a dozen. Mark tithe envelope “Worthy Student Fund-Eggs."





                                                            Today:                      Potluck Hosts:Workman/Spinosa                                                             11/16                       4:23 PM Sunset               


                                                            Sunday:                7:00 PM     Volleyball at CCA                                                                                      

                                                            Monday:                                                                                                                                                                       Tuesday:                    10:30 AM         Sail Class 

                                                                                                    5:30PM          Elder's Meeting

                                                                                                     6:30 PM   Church Board Mtg                                                                                                 

                                                          Wednesday:               6:30 PM        Pathfinder Club                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              6:30 PM         CPR-Church, Prayer, Reading
                                                            Thursday:                10:30 AM        Sail Class                                                                                                             

                                                            Friday:                       4:18 PM       Sunset                                                                                                     7:00 PM Leavenworth Prophecy Meeting      

                                                            Sabbath:                    Speaker:   Richard Edison

                                                                                                   Potluck Hosts: Patchen/Romero

                                                               11/23                         4:17 PM       Sunset                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


2019 Church Budget=$134,652.00           Year-to-date Received= $105,572.84     Need: $29,079.16


                                                     Leavenworth SDA Church Prophecy Meetings

                                                                             October 26-November 25

                                                       Kid's Singing at Garden Terrace Nov 30th 4PM

                                                          Walla Walla Valley Academy Bell Ringers

                                                                                  Church Service Dec 7th

                                                       Ladies Ornament Xchg Brunch Dec 8th

                                                   Valley View Church Christmas Social  Dec 14th

                                                  Valley View Church Christmas Program  Dec 21st


  • Healing for ill members
  • Academy and college students away from home
  • Teachers, Staff, and Students
  • Conference and Local Church Leadership
  • World Church    
  • Church Family    
  • Church Ministries
  • Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

The gospel is, after all, restoration, and what better symbol can there be than Eden to represent what we are ultimately to be restored to? God raised up the Hebrew people and brought them to the crossroads of the ancient world in order to create the closest reflection of Eden that could exist on a fallen earth. Even after the captivity and return, the potential was still there. “For the LORD will comfort Zion, He will comfort all her waste places; He will make her wilderness like Eden” (Isa. 51:3, NKJV).

Yes, the people enjoyed the material blessings that the Lord had promised them, blessings that, to whatever degree possible in a fallen world, were reminiscent of the abundance of Eden. And that was fine. They were supposed to enjoy them. God created the physical world precisely in a way that humans could enjoy, and ancient Israel — blessed of God — enjoyed it, too. Their sin was not in “edenizing themselves” in God’s great goodness but in forgetting the Lord (Ezek. 23:35), whose goodness they were enjoying. The blessings became an end in and of themselves instead of a means to an end, which was to reveal God to those around them.


Sabbath today ends at: 4:23PM                   Sabbath next week begins at: 4:17 PM



                         1201 10th Street NE, East Wenatchee                               

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